An early style TAG “regolarita’” motorcycle


TAG  : A famous Italian BMW dealership that specialized in customs GSs and  often competed with its bikes with good results in the 2 cylinders enduro championships in Italy.
Tag’s early bike were very spartan with a reinforced frame, long travel suspension, custom exhaust and the famous alum swing arm. TAG’s arm, besides being 100 mm longer than the standard one, allows wheels with larger tires (Michelin Desert in this case, size 140/90/18) to be mounted. This reduces the side displacement of the rear wheel towards the front one. Installing this type of tire, keeping the standard arm, should be necessary to offset the rear wheel to the left side about 14 mm; this aluminum swing arm allows to offset the final drive canister to the right side 10 mm. The final result being the rear wheel is located to the left but only (14 – 10) 4 mm. 

The later TAG models includes a version with modern Kevlar dress (fairing on Cr-Mo front sub-frame, seat, tail and Cr-Mo rear sub-frame) and their famous swing arm. Such bikes look very much like modern AT but with the durable boxer airhead engine.

The last models were inspired by the earliest models with the early basic look. Such bikes were built for racing with the 1100 gs Oilhead swing arms and electronic ignition


This is the bike I always liked and wanted to have.  It is simple, functional and how I hoped BMW could have produced it. The TAG dealerships sold a custom bike with various options as a menu.



This was what I was after and finally I found a collector had bits and pieces of this bike for sale. The bike was almost sold complete. The only item missing was the front forks and wheel while all the rest was there including the rare higAh steel exhaust, the cr-mo back frame, the reinforced main frame, the seat base, the magnesium split head covers and of course the gorgeous wing arm.


It took more than a year to locate the larger fiberglass TAG tank.  The tank has the same dimensions of the G/S PD tank but it is extremely light (fiberglass) and has supports in the front to be bolt on the frame.


The restoration has begun. The frame was powder coated white and the back frame plus back brake lever painted red as the original bikes. The engine is a rs 100 with a dual plug conversion plus mods for dellortos.

Tag swingarm installed on the frame together with back Ohlins shock. I spent ten minutes sitting in the garage admiring this swing arm. What a piece of art. Regarding the back brake, I opted for the elimination of the rod and the installation of the cable. The conversion will ensure that the brake doesn’t lock the back wheel under full compression (after a jump)

Started with the electric circuit but soon got bored with it. Electrics re not for me, I can do them but what a pain. I like mechanical stuff. I then installed the magnesium round head covers, and the tank to work on the seat and advance the project to the next stage



Progress on the front end with mid 80s inverted  WP forks and a custom wheel with a 320 mm disk. I have also installed the acerbis fenders (red and not very easy to find) and the TAG ceramic coated exhaust. I like the simplicity and the looks of the bike. I am still debating if to remove the hand guards and if to install a leather bag for the tools on the back fender


The regolarita’ TAG is done. I have changed the hand guards as they were incorrect for the early 80s and replaced them with the right ones. A bracket for the caliper was machined and installed. Finally number plates (the one on the exhaust has a protective sticker that withstands high heat) and a battery guard. Voila’, after months of hard work from me and a good mechanic, the bike is finally completed.










The regolarita’ TAG in its splendor. I did installed an Italian leather bag made of thick leather on the fender. I love it



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  1. John Stone
    John Stone January 21, 2015 at 3:07 pm | | Reply

    What a lovely bike,
    I have a 1985 Gaston tribute G/S
    Thanks John

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